Wednesday, 25 July 2012

TUSC National Conference Sat Sept 22nd London

The Conference, which is open to all TUSC supporters, has the following provisional Agenda as agreed at the TUSC National Steering Committee on June 18th: SESSION ONE: Open Forum “Building working class political representation against the austerity consensus” Speakers: RMT (15 minutes) to promote their pro-TUSC Conference position; Mark Serwotka invited (15 minutes) to explain the implications of the PCS ballot decision to stand anti cuts candidates Political groups who are part of TUSC (7 minutes each): the SP, SWP and ISN SESSION TWO: For Councillors who will stand up to the Con-Dems – including local government policy Invited Speakers (all 5/7 minutes each): Kingsley Abrams (Labour councilor suspended for abstaining on cuts vote); Two Southampton Labour councilors who voted against cuts; Cllr Michael Lavelette (SWP); Tony Mulhearn (SP: TUSC Liverpool Mayoral candidate); Cllr Pete Smith (Walsall DLP) SESSION THREE: ‘Reviewing TUSC’s structures’: The structure commission report and plans for further discussion. Introduced by: Clive Heemskirk (SP) and Pete McLaren (ISN) The following actions were also agreed: • A four page broadsheet including the RMT resolution would be produced • There would be a pooled fare, capped at £10 • Deadline for resolutions/submissions on TUSC’s Structure or Policy would be midnight Monday Sept 3rd - send to cliveheemskerk@socialistparty.org.uk or wsmcmahon@yahoo.co.uk