Thursday, 21 March 2013


The Rugby Advertiser has used the Media Release sent in on the 2013 Budget and it features as the main item on its web site under the heading "How the budget will affect Rugby residents - different perspectives from MP Mark Pawsey and Rugby Trade Union and Socialist Coalition's Pete McLaren". You can find it at: http://bit.ly/XtdFfx

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Rugby TUSC to actively support the European TUC Day of Action on March 13

The European Trade Union Confederation has called for “Action on 13 and 14 March against austerity and for jobs for young people” ahead of the European Summit on 14 and 15 March.
Rugby TUSC has agreed to organize a stall with leaflets, and a street meeting, in the town centre on13 March. On this day, the ETUC says that “delocalised actions will take place across Europe,” and Rugby TUSC supports this development.
Across Europe, austerity is wreaking havoc on the working class, causing poverty and destroying services in order to preserve the interests of capital. This day of action is our chance to prove that, just as the bosses’ attacks cut across borders and sectional interests, so does our solidarity and determination to act.
Pete McLaren, spokesperson for Rugby TUSC, said: “The 13th March needs to be a day when workers come together and act. More than that, it needs to be a catalyst for a sustained fightback against the austerity and class warfare of every employer and every government in Europe.”