Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Rugby TUSC members join protest march in Manchester outside Tory Party Conference against austerity and attacks on the NHS


"Members of Rugby Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) joined around 100,000 other protesters today Sunday in Manchester to protest against the Tory Government public sector cuts and against any further privatisation of, or cuts to, the NHS," TUSC spokesperson and prospective Parliamentary candidate Pete McLaren told us today. “It was a lively but peaceful protest, with the noise reaching a crescendo as it passed where the Tory party Conference was being held.

"I was delighted by the numbers who, at relatively short notice, came to Manchester to voice their protests outside the Tory Party Conference. There were coaches from Rugby and Coventry and from all over Britain from as far away as Plymouth, Exeter, London, Newcastle and Glasgow. Thousands of us were prepared to give up a Sunday to let the Government know how strongly we oppose what they are doing. No one was ecxpecting these numbers to attend – most trade union estimates were for about 30,000.

"I was particularly impressed by the number of nurses, firefighters, local government workers and teachers marching to protect the NHS, welfare state, and public services generally. It was a family and carnival type atmosphere - but always tinged with the serious nature of the effects cuts have. Children and grandchildren joined the march with their parents, holding placards asking why their mothers, fathers and grandparents might lose their jobs. Others were demonstratively campaigning against closures of local A & E Departments, as in Rugby, and against other attacks on our public services

"We carried the Rugby TUSC banner close to the front of the march, and it was inspiring to watch for over an hour as those behind us slowly entered the park for the Rally which followed. Protection of the NHS and the Welfare State was at the centre of the speeches and musical contributions. It was a day to remember, a day when tens of thousands, representing many millions of people, vociferously told the Government 'Enough is enough - we are not going to continue to pay for a crisis we did not cause by further cuts to public services, including the NHS'.

"Let the Tories, and their Lib Dem supporters, be warned - we are fighting back", he concluded.

• Rugby TUSC was set up in March 2011. It is part of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition nationally - www.tusc.org.uk
• Rugby TUSC can be contacted on 07881 520626 or RugbyTUSC@gmail.com; PO Box 4123 Rugby CV21 9BJ
• Pete McLaren is a member of the TUSC National Steering Committee, and has recently been elected its Local Group Development Officer. He has recently been selected to contest the next General Election by Rugby TUSC

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